March 13, 2009

Listen UP: Cut the crappy pitches

Show me a PR person who hasn’t written a lousy pitch, and I’ll show you a liar. I’ve certainly written my fare share of pitches that […]
March 4, 2009

Video Goes to Wall Street

 If anyone is still wondering whether video is the way to go – the answer came Tuesday, when Thomson Reuters leaked the news of its new […]
February 25, 2009

Who are you, again, and why are you wasting my time?

Yes, I’m a woman, and yes, I play MMORPGs. And though it sometimes still feels a bit like I’m venturing into a forbidden male world, I’ve […]
February 11, 2009

When to bite your tongue…

Being the new kid on the block, you have to pick and choose when to speak up, when to question things and when to just go […]
February 5, 2009

Talking to Yourself

Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who said she’s just holding on till she’s 50, and then she wants out. She likes her job (kind of), […]
February 2, 2009

Praying for Disaster?

 Not exactly.  I left the TV news business long ago – and for good reason.  But when it comes to breaking news around data breaches – […]
January 28, 2009

Loyalty Marketing 101

How much does Air Canada spend on its CRM solution? Whatever – it needs a refund. Or should start paying attention to it. This is the […]
January 28, 2009

Twitter Leads to Leads

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the value of Twitter as a real business tool.  What’s the point to have some weirdo sitting in […]
January 27, 2009

14 Lines to ROI

The other day, a CEO group I’ve been in for a year pulled us all together for a 2-day retreat.  The facilitator had talked it up […]