June 26, 2009

Experts Don’t Ask Questions – Right?

We’re supposed to solve problems, right? Isn’t that what ‘knowledge-workers’ do? But here’s the rub:  Every time we think we have to come up with the […]
June 25, 2009

Thank You? Who Cares…

Is the thank-you note archaic? Meaningless? It’s a lousy job market, guaranteed. And the Millennials out there looking for work, as a whole, are terrific, creative, […]
June 23, 2009

Converting Social Media Pessimists?

When it comes to selling B2B technology, we’ve heard everyone – including our clients – debate whether social media’s worth the time, effort and ultimately, money.  […]
June 1, 2009

Customer Care? US Airways Could Care Less…

Goodbye US Airways! You’ve been dumped – my son is “breaking up” and calling it quits. Here’s what you lost: one customer’s loyalty – and the thousands […]
May 27, 2009

Being Switzerland…

Recently, I realized a dream. (OK, so maybe my dreams aren’t all that exciting.)  The thrill: I sat down with the new crop of industry analysts to talk […]
May 26, 2009

Grand Slams in Marketing: Does Your Website Help You Knock It Out of the Park?

While watching baseball at home and creating a website design recommendation for a freelance journalist looking to attract opportunities, my mind wandered for a bit. Suddenly it hit me […]
May 15, 2009

Will the Real Murderer Please Stand Up?

Someone is asleep on the copy desk at the NY Times – or maybe they’re looking for a new job. On Tuesday, they ran the courtroom […]
May 14, 2009

CEO: Cooking Skills Required

“All of this authority is packed into a diminutive woman with large glasses who does not drive, type or cook…” That’s what the NY Times had […]
May 12, 2009

A New Paradigm for Communicating for Action: H2H

The Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman “Bucket List” flick inspired me: I recently crossed #1 off my own life fulfillment list: Running the Boston Marathon –my first marathon. […]