Would You Rather Open Sales Emails or Baby Pictures?

Would you rather have an email subscriber or a Twitter follower? For Dan Zarrella of HubSpot, he’d rather build his email list. He led last week’s webinar on email marketing, and other than hyping up Inbound 2012, it was pretty good.

Here are three top takeaways – and how you can apply them to your lead gen strategy:

88% of those surveyed don’t have separate work and personal emails – as Dan put it , you’re competing with baby pictures. This was the most surprising – I completely separate my work and personal (with my old college email just for Rue La La, shopping deals and anything ‘marketing’). Don’t send email for the sake of a schedule. Make it something I want to read because if it comes down to pictures of my new niece or your newsletter, the baby wins.

Don’t send anything on Tuesdays. It’s the most popular day for marketing and sales blasts, so not only are you competing with those baby pictures, you’re fighting against your competition. We’re going to start experimenting with our timing – trying out off hours – early mornings and the weekends.

 Subject lines are filters. Here’s my hierarchy: clients, coworkers, everything else. Odds are, your recipients have an ‘etc.’ bucket that they only read if they have time to kill. Lose the sales jargon and make the subject line about ‘what’s in it for them?’ Another fact Dan shared – subject lines with the lowest click-through rates include words like: implement, consultation, and important.

It’s all about trial and error – and everyone has their own secret sauce for email marketing. What’s yours?