Why Phone Pitching Doesn’t Make You a PR Dinosaur

Does phone pitching sound like a pre-historic way of reaching reporters? Twitter, video, LinkedIn, etc.. have been touted as the new way to engage with reporters on their terms. 

While we use social media every day to reach influencers on levels we never could with phone pitching alone – we also understand it’s important not to totally abandon traditional PR discipline.

Here is some data that supports this. A new study from the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) finds only 1% of reporters like to be pitched via Twitter — while 34% of reporters still prefer receiving information via phone.

This illustrates that blue-chip PR outreach is still relevant. At the end of the day, a proper blend of things need to be in place to secure strong deliverables —  you still need a creative angle, a good pitch and aggressive follow up – relationships help as well.  While it’s great having more access to technology and tools — core PR tenets remain.