Why Most Business Books Don’t Work – and What to Do About it

I don’t read many business books. Maybe I should – plenty of smart people I really respect swear by them. But I find them kind of dull, and there’s always something I’d rather do.

But someone I trust recently recommended the EMyth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, and said it changed how she thinks about business. So I bought it. And one Friday night, I decided to have at it.

The good thing is that it was a fast read. The bad thing is it was 200 pages.

The gist: Work on your business, not in it. There are entrepreneurs, who love change, managers, who make it happen, and technicians, who do the work, and sometimes resist change. At the end of the day, it’s life, not work, that counts. And you can’t do all the work yourself.

Oh yeah: 1 out of 10 businesses last 10 years. (80% die in the first five years.)

There. Done.

Consider it an evening saved.

My new proposal for business book writers: Charge twice as much for the 5-page summary.

At least I only paid a buck on Amazon for it.