Want to Work in PR? 4 Interviewing Tips You Need to Know

Now HiringPublic Relations is a leading industry to work in, and one of the most rewarding, particularly for college graduates holding a degree in marketing, communications, or business. The PR industry is competitive, with a small margin of folks breaking into entry-level positions each year. Because of the complex reasoning skills needed to work in PR – hiring managers are looking for candidates that possess skills such as critical thinking, writing and communication, and analytical reasoning.

But it’s not all work – PR is also a fun industry that fuels creative energy and thinking into storytelling. For those looking to begin a career working in PR, here are four interviewing tips to help you get a leg up on your peers:

1. Don’t lie. Bottom line, be honest with both your resume and your words when articulating your past work experiences. Interviewers can tell when a candidate is lying, and can confirm your experience with background research (LinkedIn) and your references.
2. Do your research. The best way to express you want the job is to understand the company’s background, mission, and its influence in the industry. Check out the company’s website for case studies, current clients, social media handles, and who’s on the executive team.
3. Ask questions. Have at least 5-10 questions prepared for the interviewer. Make sure to ask questions that target the company’s mission and brand, and give you a clearer picture of the position. You should ask questions that dive into what the position entails, opportunities for growth and who you would report to. Another tip: Come to the table with ideas and suggestions for how to improve a process, campaign or program that you would potentially be working on if you were hired.
4. Be human. Being ultra-smart is helpful when interviewing, but above all, companies are also considering whether you’ll fit into their culture. When you discuss your background, also bring up where you’re from, and what your interests are both personally and professionally. And don’t be afraid to ask the same about the interviewer. The goal is to leave a lasting and positive impression on the interviewer, so be sure to show humility, respect, and charisma.

And if you’re interested in working in PR now – we’re hiring candidates with PR, media or marketing internships, or 1-2 years of experience to work as an Account Coordinator, at our Boston PR agency! Check out our careers page for more information.