Twitter Leads to Leads

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the value
of Twitter as a real business
.  What’s the point to have some
weirdo sitting in their PJs in Fluvanna County
reading what you just ate – why would I bother?

But in PR, we are all about communication – and when a new
form of Mass comm. emerges – it’s my job to learn and hone my skills with the
new tool.  As a PR pro, my top goal is to
get my clients new business (usually achieved with stellar placements).  But with a new tool — I can do new things
outside traditional media.

I use Twitter every day.
(Feel free to check me out: newssource).

Last week, I identified a lead for a client and passed it on
to their sales team.  Basically, two guys
were talking about our client’s market, and their product. I shot off an email
to the SVP of sales, urging him to join the conversation.

It’s too soon to tell if the deal closed, but it’s certainly
one way to demonstrate the ROI of PR, and Twitter.

This is just an example of how social media can give us
extra marketing abilities – above and beyond PR’s typical scope.  As social media evolves – PR will need to
stay ahead of the curve to thrive. 

And hey, you never know: Maybe that guy in his PJs is a CIO decision
maker at a major company.

George Robertson
– By George Robertson