Turning emails into sales with Rethink Robotics VP (Podcast)

Bean Pod podcast

Email marketing is one of the most critical initiatives that organizations can engage in to drive new leads for sales. Not only does it help bring new prospects in the door, it’s also one of the most effective ways to foster long-lasting relationships with your existing customer base to ensure retention and even expansion.

Sue Sokoloski, vice president of marketing at Rethink Robotics, joined The Bean Pod for a deep dive on email marketing strategy and best practices.

Rethink Robotics, a Corporate Ink client, created the category of smart, collaborative robots with Sawyer and Baxter, the fastest to deploy robots used worldwide in manufacturing, research and education. Sue shared insight into how content marketing helped Rethink define this new market (1:21) and why it’s so important to know your audience’s interests, concerns and triggers (3:54).

Sue spent more than eight years at Constant Contact as director of channel marketing, so she draws on that experience as well as insights from actual Rethink email campaigns to share best practices for crafting emails (5:28), how to measure success in email marketing (11:58) and the process of lead scoring (14:14). Finally, Sue shares her thoughts on long subject lines, unsubscribe buttons and Germany in a round of Bean Stocks (15:45).