Triple Play: Three Customer Service Truths Comcast Knows

Last week, Comcast announced it will cut down its service appointment windows to two hours or shorter by next year. Bravo—especially for the company that earned the dubious Worst Company in America designation from The Consumerist last year.

As for the why, some of it’s surely PR – America loves a turn-around story. But it’s also good business, and if Comcast is spending millions on it, that’s because it’ll make millions more.

Like most obvious lessons, it can be reduced to three hard-dollar truths:

    1. There’s no such thing as neutral. Every customer experience is good or bad – and the company is paying for it, one way or the other. Brand is only the beginning. Think churn. Or – when done right – a 2X multiple on customer lifetime value.
    2. Customer service leads to the up sell. There’s nothing like being on-site – or even on the phone – to hear about new selling opportunities. When a gentle query about a new service or product is well-timed, customers – astonishingly – are grateful, not resentful. Savvy players across the supply chain figured out a decade ago why service is a profit center.
    3. People talk. Just check out the #comcastsucks hashtag – still hanging around, years after that poor schmo fell asleep on the customer’s couch. On the flip side – people do still rave – not just rant. Here’s just the latest study showing that positive word-of-mouth far outweighs the negative.

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It starts with good service – but that’s only the beginning.

By: Melissa Nazar
Twitter: @melnazar