The 4 Toughest Issues for CMOs? Here’s 2 of Them

You’re not alone.

That’s the silver lining from a recent event of CMOs, entrepreneurs and marketing-aware CEOs on the top pain points facings organizations today – gathered at a roundtable lunch we hosted with BSG Team Ventures a couple of weeks ago.

It turns out that most marketing teams grapple with (and need help solving) the same issues. Here’s the top two:

  • Online channel conflict & revenue recognition. Customers rarely come through a single marketing channel, yet everyone takes credit. Consider this: The SEO team says it delivered $1 million last quarter. The channel program team reports the same. Ad networks delivered another $1 million. As did PPC. Total revenue reported: $4 million; but actual revenue is just $2 million. This chronic silo-based over-counting makes it harder than ever before to make data-based adjustments to the marketing plan.
  • Measurement and data overload. Google, HubSpot and SalesForce have made analytics and measurement king. But when does it become too much of a good thing? Analytics are now a minimum bar for CMOs and VPs, but far too often they become the end instead of the means. We’re so overloaded with dashboards, graphs and charts that the pictures are expected to tell the story, without anyone asking the hard underlying questions. Implications are skipped over. And because everyone has been groomed to expect data, it continues, creating a sort of tyranny.

That’s just the two biggest issues. Take a look at this new market brief – 4 Top Issues for Today’s CMOs – to learn more about how leading CMOs are solving these challenges, and others.

It’s quite likely that most – if not all – are on your action list, or will be soon.