Tenable Raises $50 Million

Tenable co-founders (from left to right): Jack Huffard, President & COO; Renaud Deraison, Chief Research Officer; Ron Gula, CEO

Big congratulations to our client, Tenable Network Security, on today’s announcement that it raised $50 million in A-round funding from Accel Partners.

This is certainly a milestone by multiple measures. More than anything, it’s a bet on the future of security.

CEOs and their teams can’t keep up with the risks and threats battering their networks. The ‘mainstreaming’ of mobile everything – combined with the love-fest and efficiencies of cloud and virtualization – means networks have almost no boundaries anymore.

Tenable never needed the money. It’s hugely successful – with a vibrant, committed community of one million users at some of the world’s largest and most important companies, government agencies and universities. The funds will help the company grow even faster.

So here’s to the future. It just got a little bit safer.