Achieving sustainability in the supply chain (Podcast)

Bean Pod podcast

In an increasingly interconnected and complex business environment, companies need to be sure they’re following ethical procurement, supply chain and manufacturing practices, or risk regulatory fines, legal liability, and a loss of consumer trust.

In this week’s episode of The Bean Pod, Corporate Ink’s own Abigail Holmes talked about sustainability in the supply chain. Being sustainable isn’t just about going green or being environmentally friendly. It’s about making sure the impact your product has on the business and supply chain community from concept to delivery is positive.

Global regulations and initiatives are constantly evolving to address changing consumer preferences and the desire to innovate, so there’s always a lot happening in the supply chain. Find out how the industry is progressing and how its addressing issues including slavery, health risks, bribery, corruption and more:

  • 2:00 – What is supply chain sustainability?
  • 3:20 – The evolving role of sustainable procurement
  • 6:58 – Major misconceptions around sustainability
  • 7:45 – Building the business case

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