How to pick the right agency

Four Questions to Ask:
1. How strategic will my company be to yours?

The more strategic you are to an agency’s business, the more attention you’ll get – especially at the executive level. Sure, a big budget is one measure of strategic importance. But so is helping an agency break into a new market, build credibility with an important venture capital firm, or test new, innovative ideas and services. Money aside, think through what ‘else’ you bring to the table that could be of value to your PR partner.

2. How well do you understand my market, and my buyer?

Having a PR team that deeply understands your buyer is critical to their success, and yours. That’s what it takes to get attention, drive urgency and close deals when target prospects are inundated with information. Look for proven, repeated success in your specific industry, and a strong track record in working with like-sized companies with similar goals, challenges and expectations.

3. How do you measure success?

Every PR and marketing initiative should support your business objectives – whether those objectives are to create a new market, drive awareness, speed sales, or all of the above. To know what’s working (and, perhaps more importantly, what isn’t) you have to measure it.

For some companies, it’s about the quality and quantity of media coverage, the strength of the messages and the impact on site traffic and performance. For others, it’s about inbound leads, and how well content engages the pipeline, and drives demand.

The best companies out there measure just about everything – and should expect the same from their PR partner.

4. How will I know I’ve found the right partner?

The tell-tale signs:

  • Smart, strategic thinking that aligns with your vision.
  • Long-term engagements with clients that can speak to the very things you care about.
  • A willingness to sign up for specific, measurable results that directly support your business goals.
  • And a team that’s constantly bringing new ideas to the table.