Public Relations Is…

I Love PRPublic relations is constantly evolving thanks to the introduction of new social media channels and the broadening scope of what PR professionals “do”. So, it makes sense that the Public Relations Society of America is making a push to update how we define our industry. The current definition is as old as I am:

Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.

Now, while I definitely don’t consider myself old, the current definition is certainly outdated and doesn’t accurately or fairly depict all that we as PR professionals do for our clients. The intro to PR courses I took in school taught me that PR was an outlet to help a company tell its story – primarily through press releases and media kits. There were no discussions about thought leadership and lead generation campaigns, branding or competitive positioning, or blogging, tweeting and pinning – things that we do on a daily basis to get our clients’ stories heard and position them as thought-leaders in their respective markets.

On that note, I offer my own definition to the PRSA:

Public relations is a medium that gives a voice to a company/person/product through the use of traditional and non-traditional media channels. It is an outlet that helps define a company’s brand while positioning it for success in its industry.

So – how do you define PR?

By: Jacke D’Andrea
Twitter: @jackiedandrea