PR Confidential: PR Versus Publicity

It’s a semantic question.  What is the difference?  Seth Godin articulates his vision on his blog below:

Publicity is the act of getting ink. Publicity is getting unpaid media to pay attention, write you up, point to you, run a picture, make a commotion….PR is the strategic crafting of your story. It’s the focused examination of your interactions and tactics and products and pricing that, when combined, determine what and how people talk about you.

You can take from this that PR is more strategic.

I would argue further that in order to have sustained and effective publicity, the story needs to be expertly crafted and constantly evolving.

Big companies have little control over how their story evolves as mega news outside their control often affects public perception.  But for small companies with a clean slate, PR can be the most maneuvered and effective for their publics – because there aren’t preconceptions.

Narrative acceptance is the quantum leap moment for a company.  When the public (ahem…sales prospects) latch on to the narrative, small companies can grow into the Apples of the world.