Loyalty Marketing 101

Mono How much does Air Canada spend on its CRM solution? Whatever
– it needs a refund. Or should start paying attention to it.

This is the airline with a near-monopoly on flights from
Boston to Toronto, and prices to match. (Try
$600 for the 75 minute flight if you want to book it without 2 weeks’ advance
notice. JetBlue, where are you when we
need you?)

 With even monopolies crying poor, this morning AC lobbed
over an enticing offer: $89 one-way fares, and discounted books of
tickets.  Jump fast, urged the email;
prices go up after 72 hours.

 Since we have clients in Canada, and I have family there,
too, I clicked. (Forget about how the site is ridiculously complicated, so you
can’t even figure out what’s part of the offer, or the pricing.)

 It takes a phone call for the truth to come out. The
discounted fares?  Only from Las
Vegas.  And not to Toronto.  Too bad I fly only out of Boston, and only to
Toronto.  With 3 trips in 100 days, you’d
think they could have figured that one out.

Duh. Stupid email marketing, which is just another name for spam.
Smarten up. Send less, and target more.

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