How Much Do You Charge?

Sometimes people ask how much we charge – but billable rates are a dicey thing. No one wants to pay $250 an hour for someone’s time. And that’s not even the going rate for most senior strategists. (Have you asked your lawyer what he/she charges lately?)

So we’ve stopped worrying about our rates – in fact, we don’t even include them in most of our contracts. We sign up for getting the job done. We know the budget, and we know what we can do within a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes it takes more time, of course, and once in a while, it takes less time. In that case, we often just drive a few more results.

It’s definitely the way the world is going – paying for results. I’m all for it.

My only exception: When someone wants to break out a project and pay $1,000 for every placement. That’s a little bit too much like a laundry service, or fast-food take-out.  Someone may make a fortune on it, but it’s not likely to be us.