Freemium Marketing – Where Does it Fit?

Carol Meyers, the former CMO of freemium marketing champion LogMeIn just spoke to our quarterly gathering of marketing vps about creating an environment that makes freemium work, what doesn’t, and why it’s growing in importance.

We found it so compelling that we’ll be doing our next market brief on the topic – email us if you’d like to see a copy.

For the moment – here are the top take-aways:

  1. Deliver value, fast. Failure leaks from products that don’t deliver big impact. The first taste has to be perfect.
  2. Hit a big market. A tiny percentage of paid users can support the entire effort. This means niche markets come under question.
  3. Viral word-of-mouth accelerates success. If you can find a way to get pass-along buy-ins, do it.
  4. Pricing? This is the cornerstone of our market brief. Just know that yesterday’s limits are changing. For the better.

If you’re thinking of rolling out a freemium strategy, email me with questions. We’ll try to answer them in our brief.