Four PR Hacks You Need to Know

PRHacksThere’s no quick trick to rocket your company to fame, however there are some hacks that you should be doing to make it easier and quicker to gain positive PR that will impact your company’s bottom line.

I’ve identified four hacks we’ve seen our clients have much success with. All of these hacks are free and none should take much time, but the results can be incredibly impactful.

1. Breaking News
Have a list of news topics that your company can speak to at the ready. Think broadly and creatively about how your spokespeople can add unique insights to various news topics. You obviously can’t predict the future, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing. Are you a data security company? Be on the lookout for data breaches and companies using personal data in new ways. If you’re a supply chain company, watch out for food shortages and major product launches and recalls. Here are other news topics that you should keep an eye on:
– Government reports: jobs, consumer confidence, etc…
– Regulatory deadlines
– State of the Union
– Industry conferences

2. Blogging
If you’re looking to land a contributor slot on a major news website, you’re going to have to prove you have interesting things to say – and can convey them well. The best place to start is on your own blog where you have full creative control and (hopefully) a clear understanding of your audience. Practice makes perfect and eventually you’ll have a full portfolio to show media outlets where you want to contribute. Of course, in the meantime, there are plenty of benefits to blogging, including: improved SEO, a constant stream of content and audience engagement.

3. Think Local
Almost every day we hear at least one client or prospect ask us how they can gain national media coverage. And while we’re happy to help out with that, it’s important to not forget about the local media. They’re the ones who will be interested in funding news, hiring news and community relations efforts as well as personal, “human interest” stories. These may seem like small stories, but in today’s digitally connected world, never underestimate the power of sharing. Local media outlets may be community-focused, but they are all connected via the internet. An interview can quickly go viral on social media and/or find its way from a local affiliate to ABC’s national news.

4. Work with Customer Service
If you’re starting to run dry on media and content topics, talk to your customer service department. They’re the ones on the front lines with your customers, troubleshooting problems and coming up with creative solutions to get their issues resolved. Customers will often call into support with a goal in mind in hopes that customer service can help them achieve it – don’t just sit on this goldmine of information! If you can proactively identify these pain points, and provide relevant, educational information on how to resolve them, you’ll truly be seen as the market leader.

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