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November 3, 2008

You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side

As a former TV Producer, PR folks were once the bane of my existence. They‘d offer up bad information, flood my inbox with mindless press releases […]
October 22, 2008

Millennials: who needs ‘em?

Yesterday’s WSJ carps about millennials and how they want more pay, more flexibility, more responsibility and don’t want to work hard. I don’t buy it. The […]
October 21, 2008

Are PR budgets growing? Being cut?

For the most part, it’s too early to know – since most companies don’t finalize their marketing plans for another few weeks. Industry buzz is asking […]
October 20, 2008

Twitter’s B2B Payoff? Getting a Start….

I was at a Worldcom conference in Montreal last month, and Twitter was the hot topic.   The opinions were varied; some say it’s a waste […]