Complain? Who, Me?

no complainingConsider it the anti-Twitter, anti-social media move: No more complaining.

I’m in.

But it turns out I’m kind of late to this party.  has sold more than 10 million bracelets as a physical, skin-touching reminder that there is another way to live in this world. (Think LiveStrong, but purple.)

I just sent away for of one – it turns out they come in packs of 10 – ready-made for the right kind of viral love. Apparently it could take 2 weeks to get here, which may test my no-complaining resolve.

But I’m vowing to get started early, like today. Because as a formerly-active complainer (as of this morning), I freely admit that, when done right, grousing can be fun, and funny, and cathartic. It can also become habit-forming, nasty, and boring for everyone else.

Anyhow, I’m interested to see if wearing this new resolve on my sleeve, so to speak, will make a difference. Some people (including professors of communication) say that complaining about things, especially neutral common ground, like the weather and traffic, creates rapport. The experts suggest finding more positive things to talk about. That will be interesting.

Side note: I have occasionally vowed to complain less — usually after my kids or my husband have told me I’m complaining too much. That’s when I stop asking for a different (better) table in restaurants. I am overjoyed to hear that if I ask nicely, and make a suggestion, that will not be counted as a complaint.