CMOs As The New CEO: Love Your Inner Geek

selling to executivesIf sales is a numbers game, marketing’s already joined it. It’s a major cultural shift, and it’s prompting CEOs and VCs from the South Bay to Boston to complain that great VPs of marketing are impossible to find.

CMOs and marketing VPs are now expected to know the data in detail: Cost per MQL, customer lifetime value, and the ROI on the enormous investment in content, are foundational. Even when marketing performance numbers are strong, marketers are on the hook to optimize them still more; list segmentation, outbound marketing, website structure and paid search are all constant targets for constant tweaking. Anyone not ready with a strategy to do this is at a career-limiting disadvantage.

For marketers who’ve been around for a while, there’s a double burden. Automation tools are a significant advantage, but digging beneath the top-line picture is crucial to uncover errant assumptions. Integration across the inevitable data and organizational silos is still detailed, dreary work, and falls back on the shoulders of marketing.

Suddenly, ‘word people’ who love telling stories are expected to become quantity people. On the bright side, it’s the straightest line CMOs have ever seen to becoming CEOs.

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