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3 Ways to Turn Pinterest Into a B2B Lead Gen Machine

When it comes to B2B marketing with Pinterest, the main idea is to drive quality traffic back to the company website, with the ultimate goal of converting those visitors into leads. This happens through providing high quality content and strong visuals to engage your current and prospective customers. Here are some key strategies for making your business Pinterest page a lead generating machine:

Share Infographics

Many flock to Pinterest in search of these materials and it shows you know your stuff! So why not get more for your money and pin any research, data charts or infographics you have More >

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Managing your company’s social media accounts is fun and easy, right? A few posts here, a few “Likes” there, what’s the big deal? But are you sure you’re not falling victim to one of social media’s seven deadly sins?:

  1. Not using social. First and foremost, if your business isn’t active on social, you’re already committing the worst of sins. Social puts you front and center in the public eye, and offers a direct line to you customers. You can bet your competition is already taking advantage of social media, so there’s no time to waste in getting you accounts fired up.
  1. Acting before thinking. More >

Harnessing the Social Power of Your Biggest Fans

The concept of brand “superfans” is not necessarily a new one. Consumers all over the world have been talking about their favorite companies and products online, advocating for products and services, and have been doing everything they can to spread the word about brands they are passionate about.

Whether it be videos, pictures, tweets, or posts, authentic endorsements by brand ambassadors go a long way. Adobe recently used Vine to capture executives at industry events and engage in real time marketing. The video not only portrayed Adobe’s active participation in the industry, but also More >

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When Tragedy Strikes: A PR Checklist

When it comes to handling public relations during tragedy, the best advice is simple: Less is more.

It’s clear to most (though not everyone, unfortunately) that pitches, tweets, releases, and any other PR-related activities should be set aside when major tragedies unfold. But in today’s fast-paced and increasingly automated world, it’s often what you don’t do that can get you in trouble.

Here’s a list of must-do things to check to protect you or your client’s reputation – before you glue yourself to the news:

  • Postpone scheduled tweets: When your pre-scheduled and suddenly irrelevant tweet More >

SEC’s Social Media Ruling Leaves Much to Be Determined

By Mary Conway, Conway Communications

Last week’s ruling from the Securities and Exchange Commission about the use of social media to satisfy fair disclosure for corporate information is provoking many headlines and discussion. In light of prior rulings on corporate disclosure, it’s most likely that this new development will provoke companies and their advisors to look more carefully at how social media can be usefully incorporated into an effective communications strategy, but the impact will evolve over time, and practices will vary significantly by company and industry.

For example, the More >

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