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PR Doesn’t Stand for Press Release

What do you think of when you think PR? Is it just pitches and press releases? If so, we’re a little offended – but with a lot of firms not talking sales and marketing, we understand why media outreach and releases may be the first two things that come to mind.

Of course, they’re part of life for any PR pro, including newbies like me. But since joining the Corporate Ink team last summer, I’ve seen infographics, lead gen campaigns, social media programs and customer intimacy campaigns built and launched – and I’ve actually been a part of some of those.

PR is changing.  Releases and media are More >

I Love PR

Public Relations Is…

Public relations is constantly evolving thanks to the introduction of new social media channels and the broadening scope of what PR professionals “do”. So, it makes sense that the Public Relations Society of America is making a push to update how we define our industry. The current definition is as old as I am:

Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.

Now, while I definitely don’t consider myself old, the current definition is certainly outdated and doesn’t accurately or fairly depict all that we as PR professionals do for our clients. The intro to More >

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