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Consuming Content

How B2B Prospects Consume Content

Content marketing tends to follow a playbook: content is created, qualified leads are identified and sales grooms them into buyers.

But where does content go after a prospect gets their hands on it, and before they decide to buy?

A recent study from The CMO Council finds that nearly 95% of B2B organizations share content internally before making a final purchasing decision. The specific roles that content is shared with varies company to company, however the survey shows almost all content is shared in one of three ways:

1. From the Middle Out. 35% of survey respondent said decision makers More >


What Kind of Conference Do Your Customers Want?

There’s a lot to love about user conferences: The networking opportunities, the industry insights and best practices, the face–to-face conversations with customers – and of course, all the excitement that goes along with it.

Naturally, many businesses want to harness that excitement and grow their conference into the biggest event of the year. But you don’t necessarily have to.

We’ve been lucky enough to experience many successful user conferences with our clients – and the truth is that there’s more than way for your conference to provide enormous benefits to attendees.

On one hand, the More >

Tracking metrics

4 Tips on Tracking Metrics and Your PR Campaign Decisions

PR has changed over the last decade, and gone are the days when campaigns were measured on “buzz” and “excitement.”

Now, nearly every type of PR campaign is tracked and measured from start to finish, and for good reason. Understanding the effectiveness and ROI of a PR campaign allows decision-makers to best allocate resources going forward.

Here are four tips for how to best measure and analyze a PR campaign:

1. Measure as you go. Before launching a campaign, ensure that you have proper tracking mechanisms and baselines in place. Whether you’re tracking click-through rate on an email campaign More >


When Are Trade Shows Really Worth It?

Right now, our office is buzzing about trade show and conference season.

Sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs, but many marketers don’t have the numbers to back up their decisions. Yesterday, one of our Worldcom partners told me that some brands at an upcoming industrial show drop a million-plus on floor space and shipping alone.

Here are two questions to ask, and metrics to dig up, before signing up for another exhibit or sponsorship.

  • How many qualified leads (and customers) came out of last year’s show? Your fish bowl may be filled with business cards, but people will drop a card for More >

The Psychology of Consuming Content

As marketers and PR pros, we’re creating content that typically falls into two types of layout categories:

1) Evenly distributed content (like a market brief)

2) A combination of text and images that creates a visual hierarchy (like a newsletter)

It’s important to create these materials with a bit of psychology in mind in order to optimize consumption and better ensure that readers are engaging with the elements that matter most.

Consuming Content That’s Mostly Text: The Gutenberg Diagonal

When following this layout, it’s best to have the headline in the upper left corner, compelling phrases More >

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