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7 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Integrated Marketing Campaign

There are many pieces to the integrated marketing puzzle.

When constructed properly, the outcome can be a thing of beauty.  But if one or two puzzle pieces get lost — the business impact and ROI suffers.

Here are seven questions to ask before you launch your next campaign to ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Perfecting the offer: What’s your offer? Are you bringing customers and prospects value?
  2. Sales: How can we integrate with lead generation?  Are your landing pages optimized to convert?
  3. Nurturing: What’s the call to action for each campaign element?
  4. Segmentation: Who’s our More >

Inbound Marketing: A Magic Pill For Driving More Leads?

HOORAY INBOUND MARKETING!! It’s tough not to get swept up by the inbound marketing hype machine these days.

Leads, demand generation and more leads – that’s the promise of vendors like HubSpot and Marketo. But is it really that easy?  The way most marketers talk about inbound technologies makes these tools seem like magic weight loss pills. Just start using them and you’ll be inundated with new leads.

But like anyone that’s ever splurged on that revolutionary diet pill, most marketers find out that these tools are far from magical.  Just like losing weight requires diet and exercise (crazy More >

I Love PR

Public Relations Is…

Public relations is constantly evolving thanks to the introduction of new social media channels and the broadening scope of what PR professionals “do”. So, it makes sense that the Public Relations Society of America is making a push to update how we define our industry. The current definition is as old as I am:

Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.

Now, while I definitely don’t consider myself old, the current definition is certainly outdated and doesn’t accurately or fairly depict all that we as PR professionals do for our clients. The intro to More >

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