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The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Managing your company’s social media accounts is fun and easy, right? A few posts here, a few “Likes” there, what’s the big deal? But are you sure you’re not falling victim to one of social media’s seven deadly sins?:

  1. Not using social. First and foremost, if your business isn’t active on social, you’re already committing the worst of sins. Social puts you front and center in the public eye, and offers a direct line to you customers. You can bet your competition is already taking advantage of social media, so there’s no time to waste in getting you accounts fired up.
  1. Acting before thinking. More >

Social Media Science: 6 When & What Tips to Drive Social Engagement

A strong social media presence is essential to a strong marketing strategy – that’s nothing new. But there’s a secret to social media that many companies have yet to unlock: the when and what.

Here are six tips to strengthen your social media performance:

1. Hey Mike, what day is it?  We’ve all heard the Geico Hump Day Camel commercial. Aside from a slightly obnoxious, although catchy advertisement, there is something else to be said for the middle of the week: According to research, customers are more likely to click through Facebook links on Wednesdays.

As for Twitter, weekends are More >

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