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9 Lessons After 25 Years in the Business

Twenty-five years ago this week, I found myself out of a job. It wasn’t planned, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me (thank you, PC Week.)

Of course, I’ve made hundreds of mistakes, and fortunately, I’ve forgotten most of them. But here’s a short list of what I learned along the way, and sometimes, I didn’t have to get it wrong first to get it right.

Join a CEO group. Actually, I’ve been in about 4 over the years – and I consider this the best thing an entrepreneur or leader can do. It’s four hours of separation, with built-in accountability, and if you’re More >

Sales Increase

The ABCs of Selling, from Three Top CEOs

There’s nothing like hearing a CEO talk about sales. I just heard three of them – all men – talk about the real deal of selling: into CEOs, into IT, and sometimes, into their boards.

PR and sales ought to be joined at the hip – and increasingly, we are. It’s our job to drive more leads that close faster. Building brand is hugely valuable – and certainly part of it. Being able to make the numbers, for marketing and sales, is even better.

So when Bill Hewitt, the CEO, president and director of Kalido, a 10-year-old start-up, and Patrick Morley,  the president and CEO of Bit9, who has six More >

Grunge vintage television

3 Social Media Lessons From Reality TV

If you have a Twitter account with a dwindling list of influential followers, read up.  There’s a lot you can learn from reality TV stars who have no trouble courting a Twitter audience of millions.

The success of reality TV has turned its stars into social media powerhouses. What is it about shows like American Idol and others that we find downright endearing? Why do millions of loyal viewers tune in on a weekly basis, and follow the personalities on Twitter? Here are three ideas to borrow for your own social media efforts, from the shows we love to hate:

Get personal. Sharing (and over More >

The True Importance of RSA: Networking

Many of you may know the RSA Conference is a cryptography and information security-related conference held annually in San Francisco. And of course, security geeks, special agents and slick marketing folks will all be in attendance. With another stellar lineup including Bill Clinton, General Keith B. Alexander, Kevin Paulsen and countless vendors who are THE backbone defense for the world’s cyber system, there will be much buzz as usual.

With so much going on, attendees will learn new ideas and contemplate new trends and threats. They will gather information for investment decisions. They More >

Rocking Too Hard

Activision’s Guitar Hero series, which was insanely popular in living rooms, bars and some of the better retirement homes across America just a few years ago, has come to an end. After a sharp decline in sales, the whole business unit is shutting down for good. So, how did such a popular, lucrative franchise come to an end after only six years in production? Market oversaturation.

When I picked up my first plastic controller for the original Guitar Hero in 2006, I sacrificed class, friends, family and basic hygiene just to spend more time with it. When my pseudo bandmates and I heard that a More >

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