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Pinterest Unveils Web Analytics Tools

For B2B companies, Pinterest’s ROI and measurability have been unclear.

Last week, Pinterest gave B2B marketers a new incentive to rethink the platform when it unveiled its first web analytics tool. Pinterest Web Analytics allows brands to track how users are interacting with them on the platform and gives them insight into what images have been most clicked on and repined. Companies with verified websites can even measure how many people have pinned images directly from their site, how many people saw those pins, and how many people clicked through Pinterest to the brand’s website.

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5 Things Coke Knows That You Should Know, Too.

Congrats to Coke. High-cal drinks and obesity aside, the world’s #1 marketer by spend is putting money behind the right idea: ditching its ‘old’ web site to push the boundaries on what a ‘customer-focused’ site could – and should – really mean.

It isn’t perfect – not by a long-shot. For starters, the new site, Coca-Cola Journey, isn’t easy to find. There could be a lot more video. And interactivity.

But it’s poised to do a lot of things right. And B2B companies need to pay attention: because millions of folks ponying up $1.79 for a Coke at the nearest 7-11 are B2B buyers, too.

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Stop Trying So Hard: Writing for B2B

A simple lesson I’ve learned a few times – stop trying so hard. Last week, I learned it about writing for B2B. Inc. Magazine also published an article along the same lines – What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling.

Here are a few example of how I’ve trying to improve my writing process.

  • Stop writing like a marketer, and start thinking like a business person. Connect concepts to what B2B cares about – driving leads and growth and outpacing the competition.
  • Five words are better than ten. A year ago, I was under the gun to meet page-length minimums. But, business isn’t college. Keep it More >
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