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Customer Intimacy: New Leaf or the Latest Fad?

Regardless of the motive – new customers are hard to come by or loyalty deserves to be rewarded – many companies are putting “customer intimacy” at the top of their priority list in 2011, including about half of our clients. This shift, driven undoubtedly by the grueling economy, calls for a whole new line of thinking for marketers who have long been trained to set their sights on generating qualified leads.

If you don’t know:

  • Which customers love you
  • Who’s unhappy
  • Who’s truly influential (in a WOM world)
  • What each customer is struggling with today
  • And who’s willing to sing your praises

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WikiLeaks: Marginalizing the Enemy

Forget about whether Julian Assange is right or wrong, sick or visionary. He’s definitely on the wrong end of the power game these days, and there’s nothing quite like a bureaucracy under siege to bring out the tanks and the guns.

First, he’s an outlaw. Then he’s a sex criminal. Then he’s just weird. Hiding out, almost under house arrest. Then he’s abandoned by his former colleagues, who say he’s sick, egotistical, has an agenda and is bent on taking down the world.

It’s easy to see what’s happening. The spinmeisters are doing all they can to demonize him, marginalize him, intimidate him and More >

The Enemy of My Netflix Is My Enemy

Netflix, Time Warner, and Comcast all helped me realize that I don’t need cable anymore. Here’s how it happened.

A few weeks back, Netflix’s server went down for a few hours. My first thought – why don’t I have Netflix? The fact that its server just went down was no big deal, but reading about it in the news really made me think about all the reasons I should subscribe. At the time, my girlfriend and I were in the midst of catching up on The Office, buying the DVDs as we went, and we had just finished season four. By the weekend, we were watching season five off my Nintendo Wii through More >

Stupid billboard – or key differentiator?

Every day on my way to work, I pass a big billboard for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Included on this big billboard is a big digital clock which proudly announces the hospital’s current emergency room wait time.

My first thought – do they really pay somebody to update that thing?

If you’re badly injured or your wife is in labor, you don’t shop around for the best ER wait time. You go to the place you know, the place closest to you, or wherever the EMT takes you.

I hastily dismissed the billboard as “stupid.”

I’d like to take it back.

Boston has an abundance of quality medical institutions. In More >

TSA – Not So Bad

Like several million other travelers, I was dreading my trip to the airport last week. I had no real desire to have my pseudo-naked body show up on someone’s screen, and my privacy fly out the window.

And while I love to be right, I was wrong. The TSA squad was well-behaved, and JetBlue lived up to its reputation of putting customers first. Now Boston’s not exactly known for down-home friendly chatter between strangers, but people were noticing, and they were happy.

By Saturday night, when I got home, foursquare was filled with happy travelers. I didn’t bother to join the chorus, but count me More >

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