9 Lessons After 25 Years in the Business

Twenty-five years ago this week, I found myself out of a job. It wasn’t planned, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me (thank you, PC Week.)

Of course, I’ve made hundreds of mistakes, and fortunately, I’ve forgotten most of them. But here’s a short list of what I learned along the way, and sometimes, I didn’t have to get it wrong first to get it right.

Join a CEO group. Actually, I’ve been in about 4 over the years – and I consider this the best thing an entrepreneur or leader can do. It’s four hours of separation, with built-in accountability, and if you’re More >

SEO Perfect Company

Google’s New SEO Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Since Google changed its Link Schemes guidelines on SEO a little over a month ago, the panic felt by PR folk has been apparent through blog posts on how it has killed the agency’s ability to write press releases – the only way and process we’ve known for years. Fortunately, for those who have been practicing correct SEO placement in press releases, the change is far from an agency killer.

In reality, the guidelines simply expand on what PR professionals have already been doing, except it’s ensuring that those practicing lazy SEO practices, step up their game and start implementing correct SEO More >

Writing Test

Smarter Hiring: 5 Secrets We Learned The Hard Way

I never bought the so-called rule that 1 in 3 hires will wash out – so we rig the stats in our favor, with some tough up-front testing, conversations and profiling. We do this at every level, and for every hire.  We started this some 15 years ago, after the unhappy discovery that someone ‘senior enough’ to know how to write actually didn’t write very well at all.

Here’s what I’ve learned is most important about good tests – writing and more – prompted by this interview on writing tests, which just appeared in PR News.

1) Basic works. Our tests are just a simple pitch, and the first few More >

customer survey

Customer Experience: Ambition Trumps Resources (For Now)

Last week, I attended a networking gathering of customer experience enthusiasts, hosted by Fidelity and the CXPA. The demographics were pretty representative of the discipline overall: many thoughtful, specialized vendors doing creative work and a large group of practitioners, mostly from a single company.

A new Temkin Group report finds only seven percent of companies are very strong at customer experience today, with the leadership and professional staff to drive it. That’s about to change. A whopping 59 percent aim to lead their industry in customer experience (CX) within three years.

At More >

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