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What Does It Mean When PR Firms Can’t Write?

A high school friend – and one of the smartest guys I know – is reinventing his business. He started out in IT, became a reporter, then became a writer-for-hire, penning press kits for movie studios, among other things. That business is drying up, though, for all the obvious reasons.

So what’s he doing now? Teaching PR people to write.

The ugly not-so-secret here is that many, many people are bad at writing. And some of them (many of them?) work for PR firms. So my old friend is now dropping in at some of the most vaunted firms in the business, teaching people how to write compelling copy. More >


The Myth of the Summer Slowdown

According to my friends in the non-PR world (and some PR pros, too), the summer months are supposed to be quiet – a time to get caught up on projects that have been pushed off and start planning for the second half and the coming year.

While all that is true, quiet doesn’t describe the summer months at Corporate Ink.

We’re in the midst of lead gen campaigns, social audits, surveys, product launches and industry conferences. We’re taking inventory of what worked and didn’t work the first half of the year, adjusting strategies for the remainder of 2012, and looking ahead to 2013.

While More >


Symbols in Your Customers’ Culture

IT buyers have common goals and interests – they want to find, buy and launch a solution that reduces cost and inefficiency. Because there is a common goal they share – they exist as their own type of corporate worker. Could it be argued that the IT buyer belongs to a certain shared culture?

It depends on how you define culture – but they do share generalizations, and can then be targeted accordingly.

In our line of work, an idea can sell software. The problem is, with businesses throwing ideas and messages at buyers from every direction, how do you get yours to resonate? Symbols can More >


Why Most Business Books Don’t Work – and What to Do About it

I don’t read many business books. Maybe I should – plenty of smart people I really respect swear by them. But I find them kind of dull, and there’s always something I’d rather do.

But someone I trust recently recommended the EMyth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, and said it changed how she thinks about business. So I bought it. And one Friday night, I decided to have at it.

The good thing is that it was a fast read. The bad thing is it was 200 pages.

The gist: Work on your business, not in it. There are entrepreneurs, who love change, managers, who make it More >

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