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Communicating to Shareholders? Not All Private-Company Matters Are Private

Our partners in Worldcom – the world’s largest partnership of independently owned PR firms – represent some of the top thinking across PR and marketing disciplines.

We’re delighted to share this piece from Dix & Eaton – which continues to set the standard for crisis and corporate communications.

Private companies enjoy certain advantages when it comes to controlling the financial and other business information they disclose.  Nevertheless, it is vital for private companies to keep their shareholders informed on a continuing basis, just as it is for their public company counterparts.

In fact, More >


A Fresh Take On Measuring The Value Of Marketing

We spend a lot of time talking about how to best measure the impact of media placements, tweets and paid content in this industry – even more so at the Corporate Ink office – and now a lot of money is dedicated to the cause: $3.25 million.

Martin Kaplan, the research director at the University of Southern California who will co-lead this initiative is starting the project with a strong point of view featured in the New York Times:

He spoke last week about the futility of counting page-views, “likes,” and retweets when trying to figure out whether an opinion piece, a documentary film or a More >


SEC’s Social Media Ruling Leaves Much to Be Determined

By Mary Conway, Conway Communications

Last week’s ruling from the Securities and Exchange Commission about the use of social media to satisfy fair disclosure for corporate information is provoking many headlines and discussion. In light of prior rulings on corporate disclosure, it’s most likely that this new development will provoke companies and their advisors to look more carefully at how social media can be usefully incorporated into an effective communications strategy, but the impact will evolve over time, and practices will vary significantly by company and industry.

For example, the More >

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Will Technology Kill Creativity?

For some of us, toting a smart phone wherever we go is basically a gateway drug. First you’re just watching for an important email, then you’re reading all your messages and your Twitter stream and then bam, you’re answering every incoming request in real time.

If you’re so focused on the day-to-day, you’ll quickly find yourself in a creative rut. Brian S. Hall of ReadWrite just wrote a great post about this; definitely worth a read.

At Corporate Ink, we’re tried a few ways to get a focus on creativity back into our routines. Here’s where they fall on the success scale:

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3 Digital Marketing Tips From 100 Years Ago

Claude C. Hopkins never wrote a blog post. He didn’t need to optimize for mobile devices or decide whether to use Flash. He never ran a PPC campaign or designed an infographic.

Yet, at the turn of the 20th Century, he created a blueprint for the industry that still guides the decisions we make in today’s marketing arenas.

His first book, Scientific Advertising, is regarded by many as the advertiser’s bible, and it’s chock-full of valuable insight on reaching your audience and converting them. Here are a few highlights:


1. Forget yourself entirely. Have in your mind a typical prospect, More >

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