George Robertson

George Robertson

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Twitter: @newssource

Going on his sixth year at CI, George is a media pro – driving killer placements every week in the pubs our clients care most about. He’s the insider’s insider when it comes to security and health care.

He’s our resident outdoorsman, and is one of our reigning BBQ chefs.

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public relations

PR Confidential: PR Versus Publicity

It’s a semantic question.  What is the difference?  Seth Godin articulates his vision on his blog below:

Publicity is the act of getting ink. Publicity is getting unpaid media to pay attention, write you up, point to you, run a picture, make a commotion….PR is the strategic crafting of your story. It’s the focused examination of your interactions and tactics and products and pricing that, when combined, determine what and how people talk about you.

You can take from this that PR is more strategic.

I would argue further that in order to have sustained and effective publicity, the story needs More >


Symbols in Your Customers’ Culture

IT buyers have common goals and interests – they want to find, buy and launch a solution that reduces cost and inefficiency. Because there is a common goal they share – they exist as their own type of corporate worker. Could it be argued that the IT buyer belongs to a certain shared culture?

It depends on how you define culture – but they do share generalizations, and can then be targeted accordingly.

In our line of work, an idea can sell software. The problem is, with businesses throwing ideas and messages at buyers from every direction, how do you get yours to resonate? Symbols can More >


PR Confidential: Why Creativity is More Important than Ever

It used to take me hours to plan a media campaign. But now I can literally do in minutes.

I remember sifting through a big bound print copy of Bacons Media Directory to fax out my pitch. I’d make a handwritten list of who I sent it to, who I reached, what they said.

But now that the grunt-work and disciplined tasks are being automated – through Cision, Twitter, SalesForce, LinkedIn, etc.  – and we’re left with creativity as the main factor for success.

It’s much easier for me to reach a reporter – but it’s also easier for everybody else, and as any reporter will tell you, they’re bombarded More >

auto dialer

Automated PR – Singularity in Marketing

As artificial intelligence is being used more and more in the service industries – particularly customer service, as chat bots have illustrated (client Next IT could tell you more about that) – is it only a matter of time before we have robots doing PR? What would a PR robot look like?

A while back, HubSpot wrote an algorithm for a press release grader – able to automatically review a press release and grade it.  I imagine a program could be coded to do PR. Certain parameters would be established – keywords, type of news, product launch, momentum release, new appointment, timing – and the bot More >

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