Jay Baer and Guy Kawasaki – two really smart guys with very different opinions about how to tackle social media. Here’s the basic premise – Should you have a social media strategy or just dive in with sleeves rolled-up?

Here’s my two cents – based on what I’ve learned about B2B social media in my time at Corporate Ink. Before you dive in, you need to understand who you want to reach – and if they’re actually paying attention to the platforms. Some questions to think about:

  • Do I want to reach influencers (analysts, reporters, etc.) or prospects?
  • Which channels are they participating on? Something I learned from my colleagues tackling social audits – your audiences may not be tweeting or leading group discussions, but they may be watching from the sidelines.
  • What content is the audience interested in (other than your company’s news and content)?
  • How much time can I invest (and be honest) to make social media work?

The answers to those questions sound like a strategy to me …

So, are you running rogue or do you have a social media plan?

By: Courtney Porcella
Twitter: @cporcella