Automated PR – Singularity in Marketing

As artificial intelligence is being used more and more in the service industries – particularly customer service, as chat bots have illustrated (client Next IT could tell you more about that) – is it only a matter of time before we have robots doing PR? What would a PR robot look like?

A while back, HubSpot wrote an algorithm for a press release grader – able to automatically review a press release and grade it.  I imagine a program could be coded to do PR. Certain parameters would be established – keywords, type of news, product launch, momentum release, new appointment, timing – and the bot could automatically write, post and send out releases and pitches.

We’ve all received robocall solicitations. I’m sure the PR bot could have some robodialing abilities to reach key journalists to make sure they “received our press release.” The bot could crawl recently posted articles and update contacts – even post on comment sections.

Should I be scared a robot will take my job? If PR success just relied on volume, then it might come down to “dial for dollars” against a bot with me not being able to keep up with the locomotive steel driver. But since PR is much more than that, I doubt an automated program’s results would be very successful in securing media opportunities and fostering the right kind of thought leadership.

Human intuition is needed to identify nuanced news stories and correctly position a client out in front of the important trends.

While an advanced PR AI program may be able to write cookie cutter releases, blast out pitches and dial journalists (reporters think they have it tough now) – it won’t have the vision and creativity required to create a compelling news story.