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October 5, 2010

Oh No: What Should I Write?

People always ask me what they should write. The first blog post is easy, but then they worry they’ll run out of steam, or somehow not […]
October 4, 2010

PR Goes to Brockton High – Or How to Change The World

This week, Brockton High School got props from the New York Times – it seems that this big, dismally failing high school turned itself around, big-time. […]
August 27, 2010

Nice Review. How Much Did it Cost?

Today’s news flash: A little company in California was selling rave reviews, and posting them on the Apple iTunes Store. Oops. It got its hands slapped […]
August 23, 2010

TLDR? Ouch.

 It’s the new insult, or truth: Too long; didn’t read. You’ve got them piled in your inbox. And, just maybe, have written a few of these […]
July 12, 2010

A Too Close Encounter With Customer Service

Six weeks ago, I spent four days in the hospital, after being on the wrong end of a close encounter between a minivan and a bike […]
May 21, 2010

Customer experience lessons come from all sources

We just contributed to PR Week’s Insider Blog column. Here’s the second of 3 posts.     What can a 108-year-old Turkish spa teach a company […]
May 18, 2010

So When’s the Last Time You Lost an Account? (Keeping Score)

We just contributed to PR Week’s Insider Blog column. Here’s the first of 3 posts.   How many clients do you lose each year? We’d like to […]
May 18, 2010

Pulling the Plug… or Don’t Raise My Prices

  I’m getting rid of my tie that binds. The one that pays Comcast $144 a month. For years, each time I opened the bill, I’ve felt […]
May 6, 2010

So when do you shoot a teenager?

Ok, so another stupid teen decided it was time to grandstand. You can practically predict it: A Pennsylvania high school student must have thought Monday night’s […]