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March 16, 2010

Not Reading The Paper

Yesterday I was with three very smart guys, whose bread-and-butter is to live in the hot-core center of their markets. I was a little skittish; I’d […]
January 27, 2010

Why I Pay Money to Leave My Business Once a Month

It’s so easy to get stuck in the muck. Email is too easy to blame; there’s so many sources of drama and distraction in running a […]
January 19, 2010

You Quit?

Picture this: Your firm gets acquired. You have 5 days to sign a non-compete. And you don’t want to work at the acquirer. So what do […]
January 15, 2010

Launching a New Product

A young friend is launching a new product. Props to him – 27 years old, just back from the Peace Corps, and convinced that his invention […]
January 13, 2010

Why We’re Signing off Email

We pulled the plug. Starting last week, in fact. Every Wednesday, from 1-5, there’s no email at Corporate Ink. Why? Because email is overwhelming. Distracting. And […]
December 4, 2009

Local court clerk steals $2 million in cash

So that’s today’s story in the Boston Globe – with more questions than answers. First, it seems the clerk, 38-year-old Marie Morey, has worked there since […]
November 24, 2009

Teaching Yoga

Why it’s so important to do things you’ve never done before: I decided to take a part-time job. Not exactly a job. More of a passion, […]
November 18, 2009

Bravo for Trying

In a small firm, we know a lot about each other’s lives. Who got a dog, who likes their in-laws, who just bought a house and […]
October 26, 2009

First Page of 1,000-Page Novel

How’s this for a Monday afternoon project:  Write the first page of a 1,000 page novel. What would you say? Where would you begin? Or how […]
October 16, 2009

Work Smarter by Working Less

Ahh, the Wall Street Journal: Gotta love it. Last month, the Work& Family column told us we can work smarter by working less. Not a bad […]
October 14, 2009

Taking Wednesdays Off

Earlier this year, I started taking off one afternoon a week. Why? After 20 years of running this business, which typically means 10-hour-plus days, with little […]
October 2, 2009

Saying “No” to Colbert

This week, we found ourselves counseling our clients to turn down national media. The first was The Colbert Report – a venue most of our clients can only dream about being on. The second was 60 Minutes.
August 6, 2009

Going Blonde

Last week, I changed my face. No nose rings, and didn’t shave my head. (I don’t have that much hair to start with). I went blonde. […]
July 28, 2009


So here’s a story of a good company that could have done the right thing, but didn’t. The scene:                 Saturday morning, almost noon.  […]
July 24, 2009

Too Late to Tweet?

When you’re in the middle of the storm, it’s hard to remember that some people are still pulling their boots on. Today, I saw a blog […]
June 26, 2009

Experts Don’t Ask Questions – Right?

We’re supposed to solve problems, right? Isn’t that what ‘knowledge-workers’ do? But here’s the rub:  Every time we think we have to come up with the […]
June 25, 2009

Thank You? Who Cares…

Is the thank-you note archaic? Meaningless? It’s a lousy job market, guaranteed. And the Millennials out there looking for work, as a whole, are terrific, creative, […]
May 15, 2009

Will the Real Murderer Please Stand Up?

Someone is asleep on the copy desk at the NY Times – or maybe they’re looking for a new job. On Tuesday, they ran the courtroom […]
May 14, 2009

CEO: Cooking Skills Required

“All of this authority is packed into a diminutive woman with large glasses who does not drive, type or cook…” That’s what the NY Times had […]
May 11, 2009

The Little Voice Inside: Please Listen

This is a very different kind of post. It has nothing to do with companies, or blogs, or work. Two weeks ago, a friend took his […]
May 8, 2009

Lousy PR on a Sunday Afternoon

 You never know who’s doing your PR for you – but more often than you want to think, it’s the person who answers the phone. The […]
April 20, 2009

General Catalyst Pools Marketing Experts: Go. Target. Open. Integrate.

I just attended a fascinating workshop hosted by General Catalyst Partners for its portfolio companies. The topic: Marketing Through a Recession. But the content was nothing […]
April 6, 2009

Why We Do What Reporters Say They Hate

I spent my first decade as a reporter, officially scorning any and all PR.  What did I hate? Lousy pitches. Annoying follow-ups. And mostly, the feeling that […]
April 2, 2009

Is the Press Release Dead Yet?

  For the past year, we’ve been talking with our clients about rolling out digital news releases – a reporter-and-blogger-friendly mix of bulleted information, presentations, photos, user […]
March 19, 2009

U Sure U Want to Put that Reporter on Hold?

Sometimes, it’s just not convenient to deal with a reporter or analyst’s call, especially if they’re nosing about a sensitive issue. That’s what happened this week, […]
March 4, 2009

Video Goes to Wall Street

 If anyone is still wondering whether video is the way to go – the answer came Tuesday, when Thomson Reuters leaked the news of its new […]
February 5, 2009

Talking to Yourself

Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who said she’s just holding on till she’s 50, and then she wants out. She likes her job (kind of), […]
January 28, 2009

Loyalty Marketing 101

How much does Air Canada spend on its CRM solution? Whatever – it needs a refund. Or should start paying attention to it. This is the […]
January 27, 2009

14 Lines to ROI

The other day, a CEO group I’ve been in for a year pulled us all together for a 2-day retreat.  The facilitator had talked it up […]
January 22, 2009

Lost? Not Really.

Last night, I watched Lost’s 5th season premier, with its 100 or so plotlines. The Nielsens – now known as – clocked in at 10 […]
November 20, 2008

A Little Goes a Long Way – Especially Now

In these times, it’s really hard to think about charity, and donating. We’re worried about our jobs, what’s left of our 401Ks, and the complete uncertainty […]
November 19, 2008

Millennials: “I Need My Twitter!”

Accenture just issued a report that Millennials are using social media for work – constantly. And they expect their employers to provide what they consider core […]
October 22, 2008

Millennials: who needs ‘em?

Yesterday’s WSJ carps about millennials and how they want more pay, more flexibility, more responsibility and don’t want to work hard. I don’t buy it. The […]
October 21, 2008

Are PR budgets growing? Being cut?

For the most part, it’s too early to know – since most companies don’t finalize their marketing plans for another few weeks. Industry buzz is asking […]
October 9, 2008

Social Media Spending and Economic Downturns

What’s going to happen to social media spending when the downturn becomes a deep chill?   So far, social media is still proving itself for most […]
October 3, 2008


What happens when your Wikipedia page gets hacked?  The dirty data smeared one of our client’s biggest competitors – and highlighted our client’s recent wins. The […]
September 18, 2008

Speak the Truth

PR types lie for a living, right? Not really. Actually, most of us – whatever the day job – lie all the time, even if we […]
September 16, 2008

Culture Change: How Long Do You Have?

30 days after the sabbatical, and how go the new rules?  My personal commandments: ·         90% of what we do are just distractions. ·  […]
August 19, 2008

Ah, Email.

I promised myself that I would go email free for 24 days of my sabbatical. I lied. I managed to sneak my crackberry out of the […]
August 15, 2008

So who takes sabbaticals, anyway?

I just came back from my first sabbatical in 26 years of working. I almost bailed out.  It could have been scripted: 6 weeks before departure-day, […]