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March 9, 2012

What if We Never Write Another Press Release?

We talk about that a lot lately. Mostly to reinforce how much PR is changing – and what passed for ‘savvy PR’ doesn’t cut it anymore. […]
January 23, 2012

How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Tell the Future

It’s funny – just asking customers what they want more of is one of the best ways to see where the market is heading, and where […]
January 9, 2012

Wayback Machine: 1989 – My First Year Running Corporate Ink

I’ve been running Corporate Ink for 24 years. That’s longer than I’ve done anything else (except being married). In that time, we’ve worked with dozens of […]
January 4, 2012

Effort ≠ Results

I saw a blog the other day hyping a whitepaper talking about how marketers can drive revenue – and not just brand awareness. That someone is […]
December 20, 2011

Keeping Score: What Net Promoter Tells Us

Each year, I learn the most about our clients, and our company, by asking our clients to answer 6-7 simple questions. It’s called Net Promoter™ – and […]
November 10, 2011

The ABCs of Selling, from Three Top CEOs

There’s nothing like hearing a CEO talk about sales. I just heard three of them – all men – talk about the real deal of selling: […]
November 4, 2011

What the Futurists Know: 10 Trends in Internet Use

It’s not often I’m sitting at the table with a guy who advises Obama, Google and Sarkozy. But Jeff Cole, who leads the Digital Future report […]
September 14, 2011

Is Brand the New #1 PR Goal?

Another one of our clients got sold this week. This time, it was healthcare IT client IntrinsiQ, LLC. That’s two so far this year, on top of […]
September 6, 2011

GM Crosses the chasm

So when does a Detroit car company act like a software company? When it has a new service to roll out. OnStar – the real-time, real-human […]
August 4, 2011

Another Acquisition: What Went Right

Another one of our clients just got acquired. Earlier this month, TriGeo was bought by SolarWinds, highly regarded for its ability to build an impressive suite of […]
June 21, 2011

Analyst Relations: Seven Tips for Getting More for Your Money

Analyst programs are coming on strong these days – and rates are going up. A good program is worth its weight many times over, and the […]
June 16, 2011

Get Fired. Start a Business.

  Originally featured on Eastward Capital’s ‘Venture Debt’ blog. OK, it’s the first time I’m outing myself on this. I started my PR firm 22 years […]
June 15, 2011

Oh, He Died?

Meeting with new companies is always exciting, and often inspiring. Yesterday, we met with a successful, privately held company that is struggling to come out of […]
June 6, 2011

Messages: Are Yours Working?

We all talk to ourselves. But when you go too far, people think you’re boring, lonely, or possibly off your rocker. So how come companies get […]
May 16, 2011

He’s Just Not That Into You or Why Companies’ Social Networking Can be Like a Bad Date

I just read an IBM survey about what companies expect when they embrace social media – and guess what:  It’s a whole lot different than what […]
May 4, 2011

Video On Demand: Not So Fast…

It wasn’t all that long ago that the recording industry insisted that music downloads could be prevented, and the happy economic ecosystem that supported multi-million-dollar paydays […]
March 17, 2011

When Do You Pitch the “Japan” Story?

I know there are many complex considerations shaping when and how we speak to the implications and consequences of the tsunami, especially in the supply chain, […]
February 4, 2011

Can PR Help You Grow? 5 Questions to Ask to Know if You’re Ready

With the market picking back up, companies are revving up marketing. Which means they’re thinking about PR. What used to be a postpone-able expense, now feels […]
January 27, 2011

Two More Cool “Tweener” Apps: New Reasons to Sleep Less

The other night, I was hanging out in the kitchen, and there was my iPad, just sitting there, looking friendly. I should have called it a […]
January 24, 2011

Qwiki – Hype? Or Hope?

If you read TechCrunch or care about what Google is trending, you already know about it. I’m not one for the mega-hype that tends to surround […]
December 16, 2010

WikiLeaks: Marginalizing the Enemy

Forget about whether Julian Assange is right or wrong, sick or visionary. He’s definitely on the wrong end of the power game these days, and there’s […]
November 10, 2010

Be Careful What You Promise. (Especially When You’re Marketing.)

So here’s a little story about retail, and how our expectations place ‘unfair’ burdens on anyone selling – but too bad. That’s how it is. Because […]
October 25, 2010

I’m Sorry…

When’s the last time you said it? If you’re female – probably the other day. If you’re male – well, not so recently. Yet interestingly, a […]
October 5, 2010

Oh No: What Should I Write?

People always ask me what they should write. The first blog post is easy, but then they worry they’ll run out of steam, or somehow not […]
October 4, 2010

PR Goes to Brockton High – Or How to Change The World

This week, Brockton High School got props from the New York Times – it seems that this big, dismally failing high school turned itself around, big-time. […]
August 27, 2010

Nice Review. How Much Did it Cost?

Today’s news flash: A little company in California was selling rave reviews, and posting them on the Apple iTunes Store. Oops. It got its hands slapped […]
August 23, 2010

TLDR? Ouch.

 It’s the new insult, or truth: Too long; didn’t read. You’ve got them piled in your inbox. And, just maybe, have written a few of these […]
July 12, 2010

A Too Close Encounter With Customer Service

Six weeks ago, I spent four days in the hospital, after being on the wrong end of a close encounter between a minivan and a bike […]
May 21, 2010

Customer experience lessons come from all sources

We just contributed to PR Week’s Insider Blog column. Here’s the second of 3 posts.     What can a 108-year-old Turkish spa teach a company […]
May 18, 2010

So When’s the Last Time You Lost an Account? (Keeping Score)

We just contributed to PR Week’s Insider Blog column. Here’s the first of 3 posts.   How many clients do you lose each year? We’d like to […]
May 18, 2010

Pulling the Plug… or Don’t Raise My Prices

  I’m getting rid of my tie that binds. The one that pays Comcast $144 a month. For years, each time I opened the bill, I’ve felt […]
May 6, 2010

So when do you shoot a teenager?

Ok, so another stupid teen decided it was time to grandstand. You can practically predict it: A Pennsylvania high school student must have thought Monday night’s […]