We’re starting a podcast: Introducing The Bean Pod

Bean Pod podcast

Podcasts are all the rage today. From political banter to sports commentary to tech talk, podcasts are taking the marketing world by storm, and we want to be a part of it. We’re excited to announce that Corporate Ink officially launched The Bean Pod, so that we can bring you the latest news and info from the tech and marketing scene in Beantown.

Whether you’re a lover of the Corporate Ink blog, looking for a new way to take in the latest industry thought leadership or interested in learning more about life in Boston, The Bean Pod will be your go-to podcast. We’ll be covering topics like these, along with interesting discussions on travel, sustainability, entrepreneurship and even the local sports scene.

Our goal is to provide valuable insight into the industries and trends we’re immersed in every day, and to provide a look into what life is like at Corporate Ink. You’ll hear about the things that interest us as an agency as well as on a personal level. Hopefully you’ll find The Bean Pod educational, insightful and entertaining.

To listen on your phone, download the Podbean app and search for us there, or subscribe to us on iTunes to listen through the Apple podcast app. If you like what you here, please feel free to leave us a rating and review. Thanks, and happy listening.