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IT and business services make companies run. We have loved IT ever since we got started in tech PR, more than 20 years ago.

When you’re first-to-market in fast-emerging sectors, you need to capture early adopters, turn them into outspoken advocates, and galvanize the rest of the market.

Within months, the challenge shifts – to staying out in front, as sales increase, competitors join the fray, and expectations soar.

We’re a technology PR firm that lives this, every day. We understand IT buyers and decision-makers; including how to reach them, what they resist, and what it takes to get them to embrace new technologies and offerings as career-building opportunities.

The result:

  • Advocates who become visionaries for the market, and our clients
  • Lead-gen campaigns that speak to buyers’ issues – and drive registrations
  • Coverage that directly leads to deals
  • A constant flow of public successes that sales teams can send to prospects, and customers, building more loyalists