3 Rules for Smarter Sponsorships: The Socially Dirty Underbelly

Every week, I hear about another company looking for a demi-celebrity to endorse a product, or spice up an event. That’s cool, sometimes. But other times, it backfires. Consider poor beleaguered RIM – which just tapped Alicia Keys as its ‘global creative director’ for its new Blackberry Z10. So far, so good. But then it turns out that up until just a few days ago, her Twitter account showed she was still using an iPhone.

Note to self, in this newly exposed world: Before you go public with anything, check everything. Accounts. Profiles. Postings. Backstories.

It’s a cynical world out there, and someone will take off the covers of whatever you’re dressing up; that’s for sure. Then be prepared with your own back-up plan. In which case, the truth is usually the best approach.

Alicia swore she was ‘exclusively dating’ RIM. Now that may have been over-promising, and probably RIM’s biggest mistake. We live in a serial-, speed-dating world, where – even if you’re being sponsored to love something – there may be room for more than one love at a time. And that may be the new, social way to consider sponsorships.

Be warned. Be careful. And expect polygamous love, even if you’re paying for it.