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April 22, 2009

Who Are You Calling Small?

Memo to small businesses: The eyes of economists (and the world) are on you to lead us out of the recession. The value of a great […]
April 20, 2009

General Catalyst Pools Marketing Experts: Go. Target. Open. Integrate.

I just attended a fascinating workshop hosted by General Catalyst Partners for its portfolio companies. The topic: Marketing Through a Recession. But the content was nothing […]
April 6, 2009

Why We Do What Reporters Say They Hate

I spent my first decade as a reporter, officially scorning any and all PR.  What did I hate? Lousy pitches. Annoying follow-ups. And mostly, the feeling that […]
April 2, 2009

Is the Press Release Dead Yet?

  For the past year, we’ve been talking with our clients about rolling out digital news releases – a reporter-and-blogger-friendly mix of bulleted information, presentations, photos, user […]