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July 28, 2008

E-tiquette: It’s about the conversation

OMG.  LOL.  TTYL.  S.O.S.!  Let’s face it – we’re living in an age where the English language is being butchered beyond recognition.  While the world’s most […]
July 24, 2008

Walk Before You Wiki

Wiki’s are all about building community – fast.  The name comes from the Hawaiian word for quick – and since 1994, when the concept was launched […]
July 8, 2008

Bring in Da Noise!?

I was on Linked-In last night, and someone asked how to make the most of a trade show – when the CEO is coming and wants […]
July 7, 2008

News releases as graffiti on the Internet wall

SEO guru Bill Leake said something interesting about news releases at the recent SEO Meet Up – a monthly get-together for people invested in mastering how […]
July 2, 2008

A little goes a long way…

A recent example from a client (who shall be nameless) whose sales and exec team members only had business cards – as a way to save […]